• "Since 1983, Henry's Internal Cleanser has been formulated to effect a mild cleaning of the large and small intestinal tracks. This product contains over twenty kinds of vegetables and herbs." --Kuang
  • "Should you be suffering from a digestive-health ailment that does not respond to either prescription or over-the-counter drugs, may I suggest you become acquainted with Kuang Lin" --Warren
  • “The Henry’s Internal Cleanser has been a MIRACLE for my health problems! If this product had not come into my life I know I would still be suffering.” –Mary
  • "My daughter, son, daughter-in-law and several friends have various medical issues and are now taking Henry's need I even mention, they are all feeling much better!" --Arlene



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“Most people do not get enough fiber from their diet. Add two scoops of Henry’s Internal Cleanser to any fresh juice and you will notice the difference tomorrow.”

-Mr. Kuang

DSCN2323_2Kuang and his wife, Jean, have devoted their lives to an organic way of living. Fresh produce is delivered directly to their juice bar form local farms. The produce is immediately washed just before it goes into the juicer for a made-to-order blend of organic fruits, veggies, and of course, a scoop or two of Henry’s Internal Cleanser, which they so passionately believe in. See more

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“If we continue to use dirty oil in our cars, the engine will shut down. Just like a dirty colon pollutes our bloodstream. Keep the colon clean with Henry’s Internal Cleanser.”